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Metric Collars, Coupling and Components Search
Metric Collars, Couplings and Components

Nearly 300 shaft collars and rigid shaft couplings with fully metric design, for round shafts 4mm through 80mm diameter. Shaft Collars in one- and two-piece clamping styles as well as set screw collars. One- and two-piece Rigid Shaft Couplings and Special Purpose Mechanical Components round our a wide selection.

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Metric Collars Set-Screw Type

Metric Collars 1-Piece Clamp-Type

Metric Collars 2-Piece Clamp-Type

Metric Collars Hinge Type

Metric Accu-FlangeTM Mounting Collar

Metric Face Mounting Collars 1-Piece Clamp-Type

Metric Couplings 1-Piece Clamp-Type

Metric Couplings 1-Piece Clamp-Type with Keyways

Metric Couplings 2-Piece Clamp-Type

Metric Couplings 2-Piece Clamp-Type with Keyways

Metric Thread Grip & GoTM Quick Release Handle
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